Dr. Roberta Bondar
Astronaut, physician, scientific researcher, photographer, author, executive coach and team leader

As the world's first neurologist and astronaut on the space shuttle’s Discovery mission (STS 42 in 1992), Dr. Roberta Bondar draws upon her remarkable depth of expertise to stimulate, motivate and inspire peak performance.

Globally recognized for her contributions to space medicine, Dr Bondar continued as head of an international space medicine research team working with NASA for more than a decade, finding new connections between a recovery from floating in space and neurological illnesses such as stroke and Parkinson's disease.

The Science of Coping with Change in your Organization

Space is a continuously changing environment that doesn't play by Earth rules. Similarly, people and businesses facing continuing change also operate in previously unknown environments where new ways of thinking and working must be established.

Having orbited 3,360 million miles around the Earth aboard the space shuttle Discovery, Roberta Bondar takes you on a journey surrounding the challenges of extreme change and disorientation.

Dr. Bondar provides parallel examples from her findings in space to coping with organizational change. Her talk provides specific actions that can help organizations deal with the challenges of disorientation in today's chaotic corporate world.

Dr. Bondar travels the world helping guide organizations and senior leaders toward higher-level thinking and innovative solutions.

In surroundings that don't comply with our beliefs, how do we move forward? Why do some people chart their own course and others remain in reactive mode?
Dr. Bondar's energy and passion for navigating uncharted territory will inspire your attendees to thrive in any situation.
She delivers tools and strategies that can be implemented immediately for effective results, customizing her presentation to suit your themes, audience and objectives.

Awards and Recognition

  • TIME Magazine honored Dr. Bondar as one of the Best Explorers in 2003
  • Recipient of the NASA Space Medal, the Office of the Order of Canada, inductee of the International Women’s Forum Hall of Fame and the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame for her pioneering space medicine research
  • Certified National Disaster Life Support Instructor
  • 24 honorary degrees from North American universities and is currently Chancellor at Trent University in Ontario
  • Published four critically acclaimed photo-essay books
  • Respected for her expertise and animated commentary, she has been a guest on television and radio networks such as CNN, BBC, PBS and CBC. She is featured in the IMAX movie Destiny in Space and has co-anchored the Discovery Channel's coverage of space shuttle launches at Cape Canaveral
  • As a respected advisor to industry and government, she was recently selected as Canada's first national 'Biotechnology Champion'. She was also honoured as Canada's national patron of UNESCO’s International Year of Planet Earth which continues through 2010
  • She holds medical licenses in New Mexico, Ontario and is a Canadian Board Certified Neurologist with a subspecialty in Neuro-ophthalmology
  • Dr Bondar has a Master’s degree from the University of Western Ontario in experimental pathology, a PhD from the University of Toronto in neurobiology and a medical degree with a special interest in space medicine from McMaster University. She did post-graduate training in Toronto, London, and Boston before becoming an assistant professor of medicine in neurology at McMaster

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