Graham McWaters
Author, Speaker, and Trainer on Identity Theft and Fraud

Graham McWaters is a nationally recognized leader in the field of identity theft and risk management. As a professional speaker within the financial services industry for over 15 years, Graham captivates his audience in a convincing manner.

Identity theft is the crime of our time

Identity theft is the crime of our time due to the number of data breaches and fraudulent activities being perpetrated by the criminal element. ID theft may include mortgage & title fraud, terrorism, money laundering and other fraudulent activities against individuals and organizations.

Graham has worked in the lending industry for a major financial institution for over 13 years specializing in credit financing, and for over seven years in a real estate related sector. He has first-hand experience with preventing identity theft as well as risk management. Graham is a sought-after speaker in many industries and appears often on television and in the newspapers as a leading authority on the subject of ID theft and fraud.

Teaching employees about identity theft can build a culture of privacy which in turn can benefit the individual as well as the organization. The goal of the training is to reduce the incidents of data breaches and identity theft. Losing a laptop, sending a fax to the wrong number or not shredding sensitive paper is not acceptable anymore. Education through effective and focused training is a great vehicle for reducing human error.

“Our clients thoroughly enjoyed Graham's recent talk on How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft. As a financial advisor with over 15 years experience I am always looking for topics and events that can add value to my client relationships; this topic and event was just perfect.”

Scott Jamieson
Senior Financial Advisor
Assante Capital Management Ltd

Awareness of Sensitive Information

It is important to be aware of how easily sensitive information is lost involving paper and electronic file management, home networks and portable devices, storing electronic data and password management. The probability of the Canadian Privacy Commissioner making it mandatory for organizations to report all data breaches is looming in this year's legislation.

Graham McWaters is the author and creator of The Canadian Guide to Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft and Other Fraud. He was also co-author of The Canadian Retirement Guide (best seller) and The Canadian Student Financial Survival Guide.

His training programs on identity theft and fraud protection have been designed for individuals, organizations, home office employees, the financial services industry and the health care industry. You will learn to how to prevent theft, how fraud takes place, being aware of current scams, knowing what to do when identity or personal information is stolen, understanding how it affects you and your clients, and being in a better position to prevent it.

Topics Include:

  • How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft and Other Fraud
  • ID Theft in the Home Office

“Graham is a true pioneer & professional in the ever growing world of identity theft & fraud. His energy, true life story telling and charisma truly captivate the audience and hits the message home...that Canadians need to do more to protect themselves as identity theft and fraud is becoming a very serious issue in today's world. ”

Stan Konda, PFP
Equity Associates/Konda Financial

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