Dr David Suzuki
Lecturer, Broadcaster, Geneticist, Environmentalist, Author

David Suzuki, PhD is one of the world’s most recognizable and influential environmentalists, and a true Canadian icon. In a distinguished public career spanning more than thirty years, he has done much to raise public consciousness about environmental issues and galvanize efforts to preserve and protect our natural world.

Dr Suzuki has made it his life's work to help humanity understand, appreciate, respect and protect the natural world. His keynote speeches provide audiences with a compelling look at the state of our environment, underscoring both the successes we have achieved in the battle for environmental sustainability, and the strides we still have to make if Earth will remain a welcoming home for all nature's creatures.
Both inspiring and realistic, he offers leading-edge insights into sustainable development and model for a world in which humanity can live well and still protect our environment.
Dr Suzuki will research issues pertinent to his audience and provide meaningful insights into working in a way that positively impacts our environment. He travels from British Columbia, and is also available via video conference.
As an award-winning biologist and broadcaster, he has pioneered efforts in sustainable ecology. For his work, Dr Suzuki has received a UNESCO Prize for Science, as well as the United Nations Environmental Medal.
His best-selling books include:
Good News For A Change: How Everyday People are Helping The Planet, Genethics: The Clash Between the New Genetics and Human Values, and The David Suzuki Reader.
He hosts the award-winning television show The Nature of Things, and is a brilliant interpreter of science and nature for the non-specialist. He engages audiences in an informative and profound discussion of our place in the natural world.
Dr Suzuki is currently Professor Emeritus in Zoology at The University of British Columbia.

Seminar topics include:

Good News For A Change: Sustainable Development and The State of The Environment